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Is increasing the retention of your most at-risk students important to you?

Fact: Less than 30% of Mature-Aged, part time students complete their degrees.*

* According to the Grattan report: part-timers-at-greatest-risk-of-failing-to-complete-their-studies


We can help you significantly improve their success rate – starting with our Retention Assessment report…

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How valuable are your students?


We take a progressive approach to supporting student retention, however we recognise that there is no one size that fits all.

Contact us to discuss which option will suit your current needs and existing offerings.

Who are your most at-risk students?

We can help you significantly improve their success rate – starting with our Retention Assessment report.

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Previously $4999

Now available for only $2999 for up to 40 individual student assessments.

We assess your part-time mature-age high risk enrollment portfolio and provide a report on the level of risk PLUS an individual retention strategy for your identified students.

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Why focus on identifying who to target with your retention initiatives?

Individual students have individual challenges and needs.

Our retention assessments enables you to make informed decisions regarding the programs that would best support that student. Depending on their needs, we may even provide recommendations on the best delivery of services for the individual based on our conversation with them.


We know from research that our mature-age, part time students are one of the biggest at-risk groups.

Within that group, some students are low risk, and some are much higher. We help you identify your higher risk groups from the data that you already gather.

The resulting group will all have individual (personal) circumstances which will influence their ability to stay and succeed. Through one-on-one conversations with each individual in your targeted list, we develop a retention assessment strategy for you.

We aren’t an academic, there is no fear that they will be disadvantaged by talking to us. We are very candid with them regarding what we share and the confidentiality of the conversation.

In our experience, students are very open and feel valued by the experience – especially if the recommendations are acted on in some way. This is a powerful way to build the initial relationship between the university and the student.

Direct Intervention – targeting your students most at-risk of attriting.

We provide direct support to small groups of students to ensure they succeed.

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$1,490 pp min 5 students

Have you identified your most at-risk students from your part-time mature enrollment portfolio?

Have you identified the level of risk and developed an individual retention strategy for your identified students?

We are experts in building perceptions of self-efficacy, develop effective study strategies and adaptive attitudes towards academic challenges.

We provide small group coaching and guided personal development to empower your students to become effective self-regulated learners.

Targeted group coaching – our approach to a direct intervention.

Sometimes you might have a group of students who need accelerated support. These students are usually struggling with multiple high-risk contributors in their lives.

What might this look like?

Single parents working 30+ hours per week and with additional care responsibilities.

Mature age students transitioning from a life-long career with little formal education experience.

Indigenous students from remote locations where they are first in family or first in community to attend higher education.

With your help…

We bring similar life-experience students together for a group coaching program. Through the first 6 weeks of their studies we meet with them weekly: setting study goals, developing their motivation and resilience, reviewing their progress, reflecting on challenges, and reframing setbacks.

Together, they develop their learning strategies and confidence, build a support network of like-minded peers, create proactive study behaviour, and increase their ability to succeed through to graduation.

Learn2Learn Open Access – all students or targeted cohorts

We help you integrate your existing peer support systems with our Learn2Learn program.

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Are you ready to impact a single student cohort or your entire student body?

Do you want every student starting their studies with you to be empowered, confident, resilient, capable and adaptive learners?

We are experts in building perceptions of self-efficacy, develop effective study strategies and adaptive attitudes towards academic challenges.

We partner with you to roll-out our Learn2Learn program with a peer-support Mentor guided framework – designed to complement and expand the effectiveness of your student transition programs.

“I needed to <make some significant changes in my life>…I would not have found the courage to do this without the help of the Learn2Learn programme…in learning about boundaries and strategies and goal setting. Writing why I wanted to study, goals, motivation really did fire up my courage to reach our for help to change things so I could study effectively and realise my dreams for a great life”

Student 1 (research project)

After completing my first semester and being awarded a supplementary exam for one of my units, I heavily, and negatively reflected on how i got this, naively thinking I was just going to cruise through university. this broke me. I cried for days, wondering why this have happened….I look <at> Learn2Learn as a big opportunity to redeem not just my study regime but my mental health. Learn2Learn makes my brain stop and reflect.

Student 7 (research project)

I found the Learn2Learn program truly empowering and inspiring. I really resonated with Tanya’s engaging style and now feel that I am able to take charge of my own learning and truly succeed. As a qualified trainer I’d highly recommend this course to anyone ready to take charge of their learning and succeed, and it’s not often I’m able to say this about a course!

Sam A.

Reduce your drop-out rate

Thoroughly enjoyed the content. Lots of fantastic information. I particularly enjoyed the module on resilience.

The online platform is easy to navigate. I wish Moodle units were this easy.

I wish I had this in my first year.

James W.