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Is retaining your mature age, part time, and online students important to you?

With only 30% of students who are mature age and part time graduating, and less than 50% of external students, part time students and indigenous students graduating – over a 9 year period – now is the time for change. (Dept of Education)

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You are ready to deliver online,

but are your students ready (and able)?


We know that many students feel overwhelmed and uncertain at this time – and the concept of studying fully online takes that to a whole new level.

We understand the challenges (and the benefits) of online learning and have designed our Learn2Learn program to overtly teach students about themselves as learners and how to tailor their own study – and their lives – to best learn in an independent, online friendly way.

We recognise that many Universities and Colleges have existing peer mentoring or buddy systems, which is why we have developed a complimentary mentoring and coaching up-skill mini program to help your students support each other through the 3-6 week program.

It’s also natural to be concerned about creating extra pressure on students already struggling. By starting this program at least 2 weeks prior to the start of term, students have had the opportunity to fully prepare before assessment and study pressures begin. This gives them the opportunity to feel connected and confident, ready to start applying their new skills, strategies and mindset in their new units.


Why should you consider our Learn2Learn program?

Our students tell us it is a life-changer.

Our 2019 research findings demonstrated an average shift in our 3 key measures:

Mindset: 23% positive shift

Study Strategies: 26% positive shift

Confidence & Self Efficacy: 32% positive shift.

Students also shared how the program improved mental health, assisted in retaining knowledge beyond the end of term, and enabled them to tailor their learning to suit their own styles and needs. All things that students are in desperate need of right now.

Help your students Learn2Learn – all students or targeted cohorts

During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis we are offering our Learn2Learn program at a significatly reduced price – we know everyone is suffering right now.

We want you and your students to succeed so that they can continue and complete their studies.

“I needed to <make some significant changes in my life>…I would not have found the courage to do this without the help of the Learn2Learn programme…in learning about boundaries and strategies and goal setting. Writing why I wanted to study, goals, motivation really did fire up my courage to reach our for help to change things so I could study effectively and realise my dreams for a great life”

Student 1 (research project)

After completing my first semester and being awarded a supplementary exam for one of my units, I heavily, and negatively reflected on how i got this, naively thinking I was just going to cruise through university. this broke me. I cried for days, wondering why this have happened….I look <at> Learn2Learn as a big opportunity to redeem not just my study regime but my mental health. Learn2Learn makes my brain stop and reflect.

Student 7 (research project)

I found the Learn2Learn program truly empowering and inspiring. I really resonated with Tanya’s engaging style and now feel that I am able to take charge of my own learning and truly succeed. As a qualified trainer I’d highly recommend this course to anyone ready to take charge of their learning and succeed, and it’s not often I’m able to say this about a course!

Sam A.

Address attrition now!

Thoroughly enjoyed the content. Lots of fantastic information. I particularly enjoyed the module on resilience.

The online platform is easy to navigate. I wish Moodle units were this easy.

I wish I had this in my first year.

James W.

We help you invest in the success of your students

– developing the necessary behaviours, mindset, online learning strategies and confidence to succeed.

We empower online students to succeed in their studies and create positive impact within their communities

Address the equity gap keeping students as central

We do this by:

  • Honoring and supporting their conscious commitment to study and changing their future
  • Building confidence and self-belief for better informed decisions
  • Improving resilience and graduation rates

reduce dropout rates by addressing areas specific to the student

We do this by:

  • Supporting and engaging regardless of location, incorporating peer community connections
  • Investing on retention rather than replacement
  • Partnering with Universities to enhance community

Elevated student outcomes through a holistic life approach to study

We do this by:

  • Self-paced and community learning enabling network development before they start studying
  • Realistic and relatable approach that is individualised to their situation
  • Providing access to professional mentoring and coaching